The tyres are fed onto the LK-TYRELIFT manually from floor level on a special tyre holder(fold-away). Semi-automatic operation can also be provided on request. Heavy truck tyres can also be handled easily. The tilting forks take up the positioned tyre (without rim) automatically when the chain is running and carries it vertically upwards.

In the case of larger distances (up to approx. 25 m height difference is possible) a safety basket on the LK-TYRELIFT ensures that there is no danger to operators or other persons in the vicinity. Transport capacity can be increased or reduced by means of different fork spacing or variable chain speed.

A specially adapted discharge chute and detaching mechanism ensure that the tyre is carefully placed on the floor of the store. Depending on the individual situation, further transportation equipment such as rollers and roller conveyors, as well as belt conveyors can also be used.

Technical data

Construction: robust steel frame
Use: for vertical transportation of passenger vehicle and truck and lorry tyres, without rim
up to max. 1.000 mm external ø
max. 500 mm internal ø
Lengths: 2 - 25 m
Space required: less than 1 m²
Capacity: 10 - 15 tyres/min
Transportation speed: v = approx 0,30 m/sec.
Carrier hook spacing: optional 1400 or 2000 mm
Electrical connection: 400 V.